A Culture, A Community, A Quest: Turquazz

Turquazz is not just a cultural platform; it’s a movement, a community, and a pursuit. Born in 2019, this vision aims to present the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Anatolia to the world through a contemporary and sophisticated lens. But our focus isn’t limited to the treasures within Anatolia’s borders. We also closely follow, support, and contribute to the artistic and cultural movements initiated by individuals of Anatolian descent living abroad.

We recognize that Anatolia’s essence isn’t confined to just its cuisine and music. These lands are a boundless source of inspiration across all forms of art, culture, and creativity. Turquazz showcases this richness on a global scale, offering events, projects, and content spanning various artistic and cultural domains. From fine arts to narrative-driven supper clubs, to contemporary Anatolian music, our spectrum of activities is vast.

One of our primary aspirations is to intertwine global cultures with Anatolian traditions, fostering an environment where diverse cultures can converge and enrich one another. As people of Anatolian descent living abroad, we aim to create a community and invite everyone to be a part of it.

Turquazz operates as a collective, evolving and growing with the contributions of each individual. We invite everyone who shares our vision of promoting Anatolia’s cultural wealth to the world and wants to be a part of our global Anatolian community to join this movement. Turquazz is not just a platform; it’s an experience we create together.

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