Ancestral Resonance: Unveiling the Roots of ‘Islandman’ and ‘Hey Douglas’ Music

The musical endeavours of ‘Islandman’ and ‘Hey Douglas’ emerge from the fertile grounds of Turkey’s rich musical heritage. A closer look at the roots of their sound reveals a deep connection to their ancestral lands, embodying a blend of traditional and modern soundscapes.

Islandman, spearheaded by Tolga Büyük, is a project deeply ingrained in the psychedelic tunes of the 70s, a period when Turkish music was experiencing a renaissance of sorts. The project’s core sound is a blend of electronic and acoustic elements, creating a trance-like ambience that resonates with the soulful rhythms of yesteryears. The rediscovery of 70’s Turkish psychedelic music and the experiences from numerous visits to Berlin and festivals like Fusion Festival have been pivotal in shaping the eclectic, trance-like sound of Islandman. This journey of sonic exploration also embraces the influences from iconic figures of the 70’s psychedelic music scene in Turkey, Okay Temiz, and Baba Zula, melding them with a modern electronic beat, thereby creating a conduit between the past and the present​.

On the other spectrum, Hey Douglas, the alias of Emin Yasin Vural, orchestrates a modern-day homage to the 70s psychedelic, funk, and soul tunes of Anatolia. Through his project, VEYasin sifts through the sounds of the past, recreating and remixing them with a touch of contemporary technology. This endeavour not only resonates with the soul of Anatolia but also mirrors the broader musical fusion happening in Turkey during the 1970s, a period marked by the fusion of Eastern and Western musical instruments and styles for the first time. The hybrid music of this era, such as the unique blend of Arabic and Turkish folk musical styles known as Arabesk and the infusion of oriental rhythms and Eastern and Western instruments in psychedelic pieces, laid the foundation for projects like Hey Douglas​.

The sounds produced by ‘Islandman’ and ‘Hey Douglas’ are not mere musical notes but echo the vibrant and complex musical history of Anatolia. As they tread the fine line between the traditional and modern, they not only create a unique sound but also contribute to the global appreciation of the boundless and timeless spirit of Anatolian music. Through their music, they invite us to a sonic journey back in time, unveiling the rich tapestry of sounds that have shaped the modern musical landscape of Turkey.

Experience the mystic rhythms of Anatolia with Islandman and Hey Douglas live in concert!

Date: Saturday, November 4, 2023 Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Venue: KOKO, 1A Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE

Grab your tickets now at and dive into a transcendent musical journey!

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