Bozcaada Jazz Festival

8th to 10th September

Bozcaada, Turkiye

Also called Tenedos, the quiet and peaceful island in the North Aegean Sea, Bozcaada will be hosting the 7th jazz festival this year.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival combines vine-harvest enthusiasm with jazz and various other sounds and rhythms both from Turkiye and Europe. The festival will be held between 8th and 10th September, 2023, under the theme of ‘Play’.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival offers a rich festival experience to participants. In its seventh edition, the festival aims to invite the audience into a playful medium through exciting events, whilst hosting renowned jazz artists and emerging talents. The festival is also supported internationally by various organizations mainly from Europe.

Jazz at the vine-harvest time

The performances will reflect the free nature of jazz, which thrives on improvisation and is closely linked to the concept of play. The audience will witness unique experiences in each performance, as the artists blend contemporary sounds with their instrumental abilities. Here’s the program during the three days of the festival;

Friday, 8th September

•   Ferit Odman Quintet (TR)

•   Islandman (TR)

•   Meral Polat Trio (NL)

•   Nubya Garcia (UK)

Saturday, 9th September 9th

•   Dock in Absolute (LU)

•   Kazy Lambist (FR)

•   Komfortrauschen (DE)

•   Volkan Öktem (TR)

Sunday, 10th September

•   Avishai Cohen Big Vicious (IL)

•   Bozcaada Ensemble (featuring Derya Yıldırım, Elif Dikeç, Itamar Borochov, İsmailAltunbaş)

•   Claptrap (DE)

•   Hissikablelvuku

BCF Discovery (Keşif) program invites you to create new ‘games’ together

The BCF Keşif program, which features interdisciplinary activities centered around a different theme each year, calls upon us to explore the universal essence of ‘play’ in humanity. This year, the festival pays tribute to Johan Huizinga’s concept of ‘Homo Ludens’, Man the Player, and aims to showcase the creative power of playing ‘games’ in the face of various challenges that we have encountered in recent times. The BCF Keşif program provides a platform for us to embrace the act of playing games as a means to enhance our connection with life, foster deeper relationships with ourselves and others, nurture hope, and safeguard our mental well-being.

Aligned with the festival’s advocacy areas of gender equality, ecological transformation, and social inclusion, the program offers a diverse range of events catering to different interests including cultural policies, the local history of the island, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, art, and well-being.

You can purchase tickets for the 7th Bozcaada Jazz Festival, via the ticket provider Passo.

More information can be found on the Bozcaada festival website.

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