A Letter from the programme curator: Batu Akyol

I have always thought that due to their background that embraces a synthesis of the East and the West, Anatolian musicians have the courage to take steps towards integrating an international music genre like jazz with other genres. With the content that we produce on our platform, we have been creating awareness about how important complete fusion into the local culture is in terms of international connections, or in more contemporary terms, global cultural communication.

Concepts such as synthesis, fusion and memory are at the centre of our Turkish Jazz Club projects, whose first and honorary guest is Nardis Jazz Club this year. We are delighted to present these two fantastic days as a glimpse into the thousands of years of Anatolian heritage as a part of the phenomenal EFG London Jazz Festival.

As the motto of Nardis goes; Jazz better be listened to in a club. Looking forward to welcoming you during the Nardis Jazz Club London Pop-Up on the 18th and 19th of November at Exmouth Market.

Batu Akyol

Curator of pop-up Jazz Club Program
Director of Turquazz Culture

Our events at

EFG London Jazz Festival 2022

Fusion Projects

Anatolia has been the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures for thousands of years and gave birth to many different musical elements and instruments. Virtuosi from different disciplines, who grew up and trained in the culture of this unique geography, will build musical bridges on the stage, and take...
The trio will play a mixture of original music, “Middle Eastern” melodies and jazz standards. Paşa will be joined by: Bartek Bąk on drums, Piotrek Moczurad on double bass and electric bass. Paşa Çelik (guitar) He is a guitarist and composer from Turkey. Specializes in jazz, fusion and every genre,...
Famous Turkish jazz guitarist Onder Focan nurtures his musical production with the geography he lives in and will embark you on a time travel with a repertoire based on his own milestones.


Tributes to Turkish Jazz Giants

A Letter from the founder of Alfred Berkshire


Founded in Ankara in 2009, Alfred Berkshire and Company has initially offered its distinguished stakeholders and participants high-quality international education opportunities which was later sustained by global educational management services. Celebrating the 14th birthday in May 2023, Alfred Berkshire global team is now more than proud to be serving as exclusive service providers of internationally recognized state-of-the-art educational programs and services such as Britannica School, Global Ties, OSSD Global High School and World Book Online in Turkey, as well as several similar initiatives in London, United Kingdom.


Alfred Berkshire has always supported the idea that education should never be confined to imparting academic knowledge to the students only, but more towards holistic progress. This idea helped the changemakers in Alfred teams sustain the development of culture and arts programs and events both locally and internationally.

Regarding the practical, social, and educational benefits of arts & culture events, we are overjoyed to witness our students to become more passionate and confident, have team spirit and have better sense of responsibility, pursue healthy choices, interact better with others, learn the art of building relationships, learn respect and therefore develop their personalities and shape their future with personal leverage.

Alfred Berkshire and Company has proudly held Alfred Berkshire Jazz Sessions under the leadership and magical influence of the world-renowned jazz drummer Mr. Ferit Odman and his friends since 2017 and we are thrilled to be a part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2022 in collaboration with Turquazz Culture! This will be the most significant step so far for Alfred Berkshire Jazz Sessions and a great inspiration for our students and upcoming events in our culture & arts journey.

Tayfun Eraslan
The Founder of Alfred Berkshire


Jazz and beyond with female voices of Turkey A very special part of the evening will feature the powerful voices of female Turkish singers who will perform entertaining swinging tunes during this concert. Each singer will share their own spin on classical jazz songs and standards with their unique and intriguing style, giving the songs a transcultural...

"Öğlen Rakısı" (noon raki)

“Öğlen Rakısı” (noon raki) is an important tradition in which the intellectuals of Istanbul meet at noon and spice up their deep conversations with raki and appetizers. In this “Öğlen Rakısı” documentary producer Batu Akyol will tell the story of Thomas and “Maxim Gazinosu”, while rakı R&D Developer Gozdem Gurbuzatik will describe the matching history of the culture...

Documentary Screenings

Photo Credit: Muammer Yanmaz
“Mimaroğlu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island” is the story of two free spirits: legendary electronic music composer İlhan Mimaroğlu and his vibrant wife Güngör who migrated to the USA from Turkey in the early 1960s. Using the couple’s personal archives, the documentary captures the career of İlhan as an edgy...
  Maffy Falay, who passed away in February 2022 at an age of 92, was a popular jazz trumpeter in Sweden. He has left his homeland for Sweden at an early age, following his passion for music. In the 60’s he became a popular trumpeter in Europe. He was coveted by such jazz legends as Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and he shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Kenny Clarke, Francy Boland. Being...

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