“Sıra Nights” in a Nutshell

There are countless of traditions in Turkey. “Sıra night” is one of them. This tradition belongs to Urfa region and it is so popular among tourists.

It is a meeting where group of friends come together once a week. The reason why “sıra” is used is that the meetings are held in order. The friends participating follow an order as hosts. Due to the patriarchal system in Turkey, only men would come together but nowadays, both men and women join these nights to have fun.

Source: https://haber.sakarya.edu.tr/

Generally, young men join these nights to learn etiquette from elders. Conversation is an important element of these sıra nights. People talk about their daily lives, economy, politics, and so on. If they want to talk about a subject requiring specialization, an expert is invited. Besides conversation, there are also different games such as “Tolaka” and “Yüzük Fincan” to have a good time.

Source: https://haber.sakarya.edu.tr/

What about music? This is also another indispensable element of sıra nights. Music has developed in Urfa thanks to this tradition. People participating listen to the music played in different modes, and learn more about that particular music.


Offerings are also important. A bitter Turkish coffee called ‘mırra’, is served twice: during the welcoming, and when guests are about to leave. Here, guests shouldn’t put the coffee down since it is considered as a big disrespect to the person serving. In the past, if one attempted to do it on purpose or by accident, he had to refill the coffee cup with gold or marry off the person serving with someone. Tea is also offered but alcohol is not consumed.

Source: https://www.daricagazetesi.com.tr

In these nights, ‘çiğköfte’ (Turkish style raw meatballs) is the main star of the sıra table (For more info about ‘çiğköfte’, see https://www.turquazz.com/culinary/culture/take-a-snap-like-i-am-cig-kofte/). Every event, a different person makes çiğköfte. One way to understand whether çiğköfte is ready to eat is to throw a piece to the ceiling. If it sticks to the ceiling, then it is understood that the perfect texture is reached.

Source: https://haber.sakarya.edu.tr/

We have examined the significant details of sıra nights. As you see, these nights are carried out with a special care and there is so much fun.