The nostalgia of Jazz in Turkey

The period between the 1950s to ’60s represents a pivotal era that left its mark on the Turkish musical culture. Turkey suffered a great cultural loss in the aftermath of the Istanbul Pogrom in 1955, and with the grand opening of the Hilton Hotel, a new era of entertainment began in the large metropoles. The musical scene was severely undermined with the 1960 coup d’état as restrictions were imposed on foreign musicians. This transition period from jazz music to lyrical Turkish pop has affected various dynamics in the music industry. Two masters who witnessed this period, Hayati Kafe and Neşet Ruacan will be joining us, accompanied by Orhan Tekelioğlu, a committed researcher on the sociological aspects of our cultural sphere. Your moderator for this exciting online talk will be Batu Akyol and there will be a live Q&A session for the viewers at the end of the interview.

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